Brand Guide

The Logo

Everything you need to know about our logo. TL;DR download all the logos below and the folder structure will direct you to what you need.


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Full logotype Web | Print
Just the beak Web | Print

Our logo comes in two main variations: the logotype and the beak. The logotype is our primary logo and should be used in most situations. The beak is reserved for spaces with minimal UI, or in situations where there isn’t enough space for the logotype to be readable (such as social media profile pictures).

Don't mess with it!

Please don’t change or modify any of the logo variants – stick to the ones provided on this page. When scaling the logos avoid stretching or squishing their proportions and you’ll be good to go!

Background Colors

Color on light Web | Print
Color on dark Web | Print
Grayscale on light Web | Print
Grayscale on dark Web | Print

Use the grayscale logos in situations where colour is not available, the branding needs to be more subtle and less colourful, or the background image doesn’t have enough colour contrast with cyan and magenta.

Consider contrast carefully when choosing a logo version. As a general rule when placing the logo on flat coloured backgrounds, use the light background version on colours with a HSB brighness value of over 60%, and the dark background version on anything lower.

Minimum Spacing

Use the height of the letter “T” from “SMART” to define the minimum amount of space from all sides of the full logo.

With the beak, allow 45% of its width either side, and 25% top and bottom for whitespace. The diagrams are precise but your best approximation is fine.

Alignment and Tagline

teach smarter.

Wherever possible, left align the logo to the following content. In situations where there isn't enough space or content to align to, horizontally center the logo.

The tagline “teach smarter.” can be positioned with the logo either in a horizontal layout, or centered in a vertical layout with a 1px gray divider. Keep in mind the minimum spacing rules and make sure the tagline and logo are equidistant from the divider.

Gold Partner Logos

Gold partner logo Web | Print

Stick to the provided logo files in the download packages. If possible, use .eps files for print and .svg for web. Avoid scaling the .png or .jpg files. If you need to use an image size that is not included in the package, scale and export the logo from a vector file instead.

Powered by Smart Sparrow Badges

Color on light Web | Print
Color on dark Web | Print

If your site uses Smart Sparrow's platform, you can add a Powered by Smart Sparrow badge to show it off. It's best suited for placement in a site's footer, like how it is used on the