Lesson Design

Templates & Resources

Make use of these templates and resources to speed up design changes on your next project.

Viewer design template

Viewer design template

The template contains suggested screen layouts, viewer components, lesson inputs, typographic hierarchy, and basic widget styles to act as a base when designing a custom lesson viewer. The files are set up with reusable styles and symbols to expedite the process of designing a stylistically consistent and usable viewer. The template’s default dimensions are set to tablet (1024 x 768), but sizes and layouts for desktop and mobile are also included.

Using the Sketch Replace Colour Plugin, changing the primary theme color can be done in seconds. From there all of the viewer components can be customized on the symbols page, where they will update across all artboards.

Icon Jar

Icon Packs

Icon Jar makes it easy to find the icon you want to use, and just drag it into Sketch or Photoshop to start using it in your design. You can import the existing icon sets below, from Google Material Design and Streamlined Icons, then search use Icon Jar to search across all sets, and find the best fit for your project. Download Icon Jar free here, and double click on the unzipped jars below to import them into the app.