Pattern Library


Every word displayed is part of a conversation with our users. Use this conversation as an opportunity to provide clarity and to help people feel comfortable in our platform.


Be informal and friendly, but not too familiar

You want to avoid being stilted or too formal, but you don’t want to risk sounding falsely jovial or patronizing. Remember that users are likely to read the text in your UI many times, and what might seem clever at first can become irritating when repeated.

Be concise

Watch out for redundant or unnecessary words. When your UI text is short and direct, users can absorb it quickly and easily. Identify the most important information, express it concisely, and display it prominently so that people don’t have to read too many words to find what they’re looking for or to figure out what to do next.


Speak to the user as “you”

Speak directly to users as “you,” not “me.” Don’t put words in the users’ mouths, with phrases that use “I” or “my.” Exceptions include:

  • Some legal opt-ins: “I agree to follow the UX Writing Guidelines.”
  • Some categories, such as “My slides”